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Aerial Tour of the city

Areal Tour of RomeAreal Tour of Rome

We take off from Roma-Urbe in 3-8 seater planes. We fly approximately 450 metres above the capital. From this height one is able to admire the streets, monuments, the old and modern villages of the eternal city. One route straight into the culture of Rome. The ruins of the Terme di Caracalla, one of the greatest and famous marks of antiquity or the "Altare della Patria" a symbol of the Risorgimento and dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first King of united Italy, or even the Anfitheatre Flavio a monument that dates back to the first century after Christ who for neighbourhood had an enormous statue erected in honour of Nerone and gave it the name "Colosseo".

Rome from aboveRome from above

The tour then continues above the historical city of rome: from the little window we notice a dome with an unusual hole in the centre; even a Roman would have difficulty recognizing it, if he had never seen it from above: it's the Pantheon, the temple dedicated to all the Gods, a symbol of religious syncretism from ancient Rome. Close by we find Piazza Navona one of the notable squares of the city... a slight turning of the plane to the river: The Tiber, the father of the roman pilots since he seems to guide them on their flight.

View of Piazza VeneziaView of Piazza Venezia

First we find Castel Sant'Angelo: his bronze angel salutes us while he sheaths his sword, a symbol that the plague will not spread. We continue staring at the "Passetto" the long boundary that leads us from the castle straight to the heart of the Vatican. The wall got its name due the role it played in Rome's history: it was more than once that the popes had to run towards this splendid and famous stronghold which was built to defend the Vatican from invasions from the barbarians, on the ancient mausoleum of Adrian.

View of Tiberine IslandView of Tiberine Island

Then there is St. Peter's Basilica Rome's most famous symbol, the heart of Christian Catholicism. One can clearly see the square with its columns where six million come to meet each year. Here we cannot get any closer because we cannot get into the air space above the Vatican City. Now we are turning north west. We then return to the base after 40 kilometres of panoramic view of the city of Rome.

View of Piazza NavonaView of Piazza Navona

This is a once in a life time experience. Our flights are available everday including festive days for bookings of a minimum of two passengers. We are waiting everyday from dawn until dusk. Fly with us!!

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