Rome Reservation's Privacy Pledge - Informative

Rome Reservation makes it their highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personally identifiable information you provide. We suggest therefore that you carefully read the following document know more about our line of conduct when it comes to protecting personal data.

  1. The personal data supplied by you at the moment of booking and any further information are recorded and used in accordance with Law 675/1996 and Rome Reservation's Private Policy, according to the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency.
  2. The proprietor of the service is Rome Reservation s.r.l., Piazza Civitella Paganico 12 - 00139 Rome, Italy.
  3. The personal data will be used by Rome Reservation, with formality and the correct procedure, exclusively in the following circumstances:
    1. supplying the services of to the user;
    2. passing on personal data to a third service provider at the moment of booking or purchase of holiday services through;
    3. informing you of new functions, services and products of Rome Reservation that might interest you. This type of information will be sent to you directly by Rome Reservation;
    4. personalizing advertisements to suit each user.
  4. The confirmation of data and consent to the service is obligatory in order to avail of the services of Rome Reservation, and so for those circumstances there are points a) and b). Points c) e d) are optional. Nevertheless, without the conferring of data, the society could not supply the user with such further services.
  5. The user who does not intend to give his/her assent to the use of personal detail for one or more of the circumstances outlined above, may communicate this decision at any moment to the proprietor of this service [email protected].
  6. The user acknowledges and agrees that Rome Reservation can transfer personal data from the user to a third party only if it is necessary by law or if such an action is necessary in good faith, to:
    1. respect the legal norms or procedures that apply to Rome Reservation or the Web site;
    2. to intervene urgently if the circumstances arises to protect the personal data of the users of Rome Reservation, the site and the public.
  7. The user acknowledges and agrees that Rome Reservation will be able to use the user's IP address to carry out the diagnosis of relative problems on the server and to guarantee the administration and function of The IP address can also be used to collect character information.
  8. At any moment, in accordance with the information contained in article 13 of Law 675/96, the user has a right to:
    1. know what personal data Rome Reservation is in possesion of and the way in which they intend to use it;
    2. update, add, modify or rectify personal data;
    3. prohibit any use of personal data that violates the Law;
    4. prevent the use of personal data for justifiable reasons or when the service turns to collecting commercial information for publicity sales or market research by contacting the proprietor: [email protected].
  9. Rome Reservation manages a secure data system, which protects from fire alarms and protects your password. Rome Reservation adopts security measures for the protection against damages, improper use and alteration of the data possesed. The access to your supplied information is exclusively accessible to authorized personnel. The information supplied to Rome Reservation is memorized by the server which looks after the services and which respects very rigid norms. Since we are not in the position to offer a complete guarantee against damages, improper use or alteration of data, Rome Reservation will do their best to try and prevent such unfortunate cicumstances occuring.