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Yachting Charter

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For those who love to live at sea on board of a luxurious yacht or sailboat, our agency offers a yachting charter service. With the collaboration of the most important companies in this sector we offer our clients the possibility to spend their holidays on the boat of their choice.


We guarantee with the help of our partners that all our boats are new, reliable and above all safe. For this reason we have chosen only the best boats that will ensure that you enjoy your holiday at sea. In the line of sailboats we have the new Jeanneau Sun Odissey 34.2 which is built with the most modern technology available. Both quick and well equipped it is the first boat of this size to offer three spacious cabins containing all the essentials for a long cruise.


The smoothness of the navigation along with the high quality equipment and large sail floor make this boat suitable for any weather conditions. A deck to allow the best manoevrability of the sails and easy passage make it the best of its kind on the market. In the line of motor boats we offer you the flagship of the fleet "Mira".


The inside of the boat is designed in american cherry red and inset with briar. There are three cabins on board of which one is the captains room with a private bathroom and the other two double rooms have a communal bathroom and fold out double bed. There is a large area where one can sunbath and a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge. There is also a wind breaker which one can open and a small "beach" with a shower with hot and cold water to make your journey all the more enjoyable and comfortable. An automatic roof guarantees you complete privacy and protection at night from severe weather conditions. When choosing what boat you would like to rent it is important to know your needs and what exactly you are looking for.


In fact when renting one of our boats we have three options you can choose from. Firstly we have "bareboat" which is suitable for those with sufficient navigational experience and who holds a navigation license. The second choice known as "con Skipper" is for those who have little or no navigational experience. In this case our professional skippers will accompany you on your trip and will be responsible for sailing the ship, choosing the best roots and anchorage and all other technical responsibilities.


The third choice is "holyday-school" where we offer you the chance to take full advantage and learn from the skipper aboard. In this case the skipper will not only sail the boat but he will also stop each day for a four hour lesson which includes two hours of theory and two practical. By the end of the holiday you will have all the basic knowledge needed to sail a boat.

Price upon request

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